Kedrodassos beach, Hania, Crete, Greece
  KEDRODASSOS beach, Hania, Crete



The beach is on the southwest coast of Chania, about 75 km of this and just 1 km away south from Elafonisi. As indicated by its name is the finish of a small coniferous forest of juniper. This beautiful beach 1 km length, composed of several small or large parts of sand interrupted by rocky formations. There is noorganized and hosts mainly nudists. To find it, you need to take a dirt road south of Elafonisos for about 1 km and after releasing your car a few meters away of the forest. You will walk through the trees to find it.


    35 16΄16 N,    23 33΄35 Ε

    35 16΄03 Ν,    23 33΄43 Ε

Distance to:

Hania                              75 χλμ

Elafonissi                          1 χλμ


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We love Kedrodassos...

We love Kedrodassos


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