In the effort we make to record and label beaches, we want you helmets and colaborators. We all have some of the favorite beaches we frequent and would like to share with friends and acquaintances. Whether you are lovers of these beaches, or trying to spot the beach so you can attract people for your business, we offer you the opportunity to make it known and to be your turn, Ambassadors of this or those beaches through the mybeaches platform.
How can this happen ? In 3 simple moves:

1, you share the beach with photos, description and other items can help or encourage someone to visit her on our Facebook page Naturally the post should be branded in from your profile to that social networking medium
2. We check the validity and accuracy of the information listed (and may contact you for clarification); and

3. We communicate the beach to a sub-page, always according to its geographical location, and assign it to you as an Ambassador for its promotion and disclosure.

Please note that everyone, for personal or professional reasons, can make use of the site free of charge, as long as it respects and ensures that its visitors are properly and accurately informed.