Balos lagoon, Hania, Crete, Greece
  BALOS LAGOON, Hania, Crete



On the northwest edge of Chania is a peninsula Gramvousa elongated and uninhabited but exceptional beauty. On the northwest side of the peninsula, the beach of Balos. Characterized one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete and for good reason as it is a sandy area that leads to an island with very fine sand, shallow waters and gorgeous turquoise waters passing beautiful shades depending on the time of day. The Balos beach is accessible by land through a rough dirt road that leads up to a point, but then you have to walk on foot to reach the desired point. The beauty of the journey and the views are worth the hassle. You can also go by boat from Kissamos (Kastelli). The beach is deserted and not offering any organization so I'll have to get the essentials for your stay. You can also visit the castle Gramvousa little further north from the beach of Balos.


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