Mavra volia Emporios beach, Chios, Greece


 Mavra volia-Emporios beach, Chios

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   Towards the mastihohoria and Pyrgi, you can combine your bathroom in one of the most famous and popular beaches of the island, that of Emporio, Mavra volia. In fact it is three consecutive beaches separated by high cliffs and located 5 km south of the tower, which is the port. There are many cottages and hotels in this picturesque and very special corner of the island. The more apomakrynesthe the beach from the port of Emporio, the more secluded, quiet and you can swim freely, as the organization focuses on the beaches principle. 200, 80 and 200 meters length are three beaches in the series. The name was derived from the large black pebbles that cover the entire surface and resulted from the volcanic eruption in the region. The beaches are Mavra volia trademark of the island and need to visit.

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