Fournoi Korseon

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fourni islands/800px-Fourni-nisi Fournoi Korseon (Greek: Φούρνοι Κορσέων  or Greek: Φούρνοι Ικαρίας - Fournoi Ikarias), more commonly simply Fournoi, is a complex or archipelago of smallGreek islands that lie between Ikaria, Samos and Patmos in Ikaria regional unit,North Aegean region. The two largest islands of the complex, the main isle of Fourniand the isle of Thymaina, are inhabited, as is Agios Minas Island to the east. On the main isle Fournoi (town) is the largest settlement and then Chryssomilia in the north the second largest (and third largest overall, after Thymaina). Fournoi (town) proper is the main ferry harbour, with ferries also landing on Thymaina.

Many of the inhabitants are fishermen, although during the summer season the population is also occupied in tourist activities, mostly room rentals and catering. On the main island are a number of beaches such as Vlychada, Vitsilia, Petrokopio, Elidaki, and Bali.

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