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agistri/800px-Agistri Beach_of_Skala  Angistri, also Agistri or Agkistri (Greek: Αγκίστρι, English: "fishing hook"), is a small island and municipality in the Saronic Gulf in the Islands regional unit, Greece.

There are only three settlements on Angistri - Milos (Megalohori), Skala and Limenaria. Milos (pop. 461) is the main village where the majority of the Greek population of the island lives. Skala (pop. 354) is a twenty-minute walk from Milos along the coastal road. Skala is where most of the tourist facilities and hotels are. Limenaria (pop. 105) is a very small village on the other side of the island with very little tourism. The island's population is 920 inhabitants according to the 2001 Greek census. Its land area is 13.367 km².

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